Welcome to Schubert Centre

3505 30th Avenue Vernon
BC. Canada V1T 2E6

Open from 8:00 a.m to
3:00 p.m for building
9:00 to 3:00 for office

For the Love of Schubert

Welcome back everyone! I am so glad that we are open again!

April 2022

Hello everyone! I am so happy to see the Schubert Centre up and running. I love seeing all the people here with their activities, having fun and laughing. It really shows you what can be accomplished when everyone works together.

This past month the Schubert Centre really started booming again. We had our first Birthday Lunch and Volunteer Appreciation dinner in two years. We also had a terrific lunch on St. Patrick’s Day which was Irish stew, soda bread, and delicious cheese cake. To top it all off, the first day of spring was March 20! It’s been a great month!

I’m so impressed by the Schubert Centre. I was talking with one of the seniors the other day about what I expected when I started working here. I had never been inside the Schubert Centre, and for my first month here, we were closed off to the public due to Covid. When we opened up and activities started happening, I was absolutely astounded by all of the hard working volunteers. I had no idea how hard everyone worked and how selfless they all were. It was not at all what I expected. The volunteers were the first reason that I fell in love with this place, and they are the biggest reason for me wanting to be here every day. We can’t thank them enough for all their help.

April’s Charm


With the covid restrictions becoming lighter, we are getting a lot more bookings for rooms and catering. We are desperately looking for more help.

May is a heavy month for catering and rentals. We really need people to help with setup, plating, dishes, serving, clean up, etc. If you can help even once during the month, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We will gladly let you know when we need a hand.

If you or someone you know would like to help out please have them fill out a volunteer form at the front desk, membership office or call or email Dania
250-306-3151. schubertcentre.office@gmail.com

Weekly Activities


1 year membership for 2022 is $30.00 pro-rated.
3 year memberships are $70.00.

Thank You

I just want to say a special thank you to the following people:

Terry Luxton who is the coffee shop coordinator, handles catering, laundry, helps in the kitchen and bends over backwards to help anyone who needs it.

Maggie Cavalier who works at the reception desk and in membership. Often times I go to her for inspiration because of her intelligence, creativity and big heart.

Wendy Smith who is the Thrift Shop coordinator. She is such a pleasure to talk to every time she is in. She also has a big heart and is extremely hard working.

Finally I want to say a big thank you to the Wynds. Jim and Carol are incredibly hard workers and help out whenever they are needed. They have made me feel so welcome here and treat me like their family. I can’t count the amount of times that they have helped me. We all love you here at the Schubert Centre, and this place would not be the same without Carol’s big heart and Jim’s wit.


April Birthdays!

Don’t count your years. Make your years count.
April 1- Frances Kozlowski, Alfred Mantei
April 2- Robert Herringer
April 3- Marvin Church, Edna Kuhn
April 4- Aubrey Carlson, Diane Lachance
April 5- Sherry Price
April 7- Alfred English, Ron Heuman, Vivian McGee
April 8- Wilma Boulter, Edie Carlson, Lois Westman, Judy Wheeler
April 9- Mary Vankka
April 11- Wendy Smith
April 12- Svend Jensen, Terry Luxton, Josef Roza
April 13- Bunny Jakubec, Dianna King
April 14- Sharon Alexander, Judith Maglio, Dave Warriner, Pat Watts
April 15- Margaret Hanson
April 16- Carol Abernathy, Marilyn Talbot
April 18- Lynn Jones
April 19- Ev Matovitch, Cors Verhage
April 21- Catherine McKague, Paul Murphy, Anne Pistak, Chris Smart
April 23- Shirley Kachuk
April 24- Nancy Murphy
April 26- Sheila Fox, Emma Muir, Patricia Verhage
April 27- Jim Burns
April 29- Ivan Cherbo, Don Munro, Shirley Ripley


  • Ask the front desk or membership for a “Meet the Members” form to be featured in the monthly newsletter!
  • Schubert Centre’s Facebook and website (schubertcentre.com) is back-up and running in full swing. Check it out for the weekly menu, information on our groups, upcoming activities and so much more!
  • Schubert Centre will be closed April 15, Good Friday, but open April 18, Easter Monday.


Celebration of Life
Mary Sherrington 1926 – 2021
Saturday April 30th 1pm – 4pm at the Schubert Centre, Opal Room

We invite you to join friends and family in celebrating the life of Mary Sherrington. Mary will be remembered as a wonderful Grade 1 teacher, a talented artist, a beloved wife, grandmother, great grandmother and a good friend to many.

Join us for a slideshow and viewing of some of her artwork. We will have coffee, tea and light refreshments. Feel welcome to drop in and have a visit.

Healthy Feet Foot Care
“One of the most common types of pain is foot pain. Having proper foot care performed regularly not only improves your quality of life, but boosts confidence too! If you struggle with corns, calluses, ingrown, fungus, or other foot/nail concerns, we will develop a personalized plan of care to fit your needs.” Healthy Feet Foot Care will be meeting in the fireplace area at the Schubert Centre on Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. starting April 7. Sign up on the bulletin board in the Coffee Shop.

The Good Morning Program is a free telephone service for seniors or people with high health risks, who live alone or feel isolated in the community. The program enables these individuals to remain living independently longer by providing a daily (or as needed) phone call to ensure participants are safe. Phone calls are made seven days a week, 365 days a year by trained volunteers. Participants can be referred by care providers, family, friends or self-referrals can be made.
Each call is a non-intrusive, non-judgmental safety check that provides some social interaction. We listen, provide support and offer referrals when needed.

If you or someone you know might benefit from this service, please call our program office at 250.542.3114 or email support@cmhavernon.ca for more information.

-Kelsey Tkachuk

Meet the Members

Anne McKenzie
Anne was born in Southwick, England on February 22. She moved to Vernon in April, 2010. She loves everything about Vernon such as the Okanagan sun which she enjoys while golfing or taking a walk. She likes card games, her gym time, hanging out with friends, reading and baking. She has been a member and volunteer at the Schubert Centre for 12 years because she loves all the people she meets and all of the Centre’s activities especially Canasta.

Betty Thomson
Betty was born in Calgary, Alberta on July 27. She moved to Vernon in May 2019 because Vernon has everything she could need. She really enjoys reading, going to the gym, baking, napping and socializing. She became a member and a volunteer for the Schubert Centre roughly almost two years ago. She volunteers at the Reception Desk and loves it because of all the people she gets to meet every day. Betty has not found a favorite activity here yet but would like to get involved with the Scrabble teams.

Mary Schau
Mary was born in Listowel, Ontario on August 18. She moved to Vernon in May 2019 because of the weather, the great transit system and all of the things that there is to see and do. Mary enjoys crafts, puzzles, reading and walking. She was a member for a year and volunteered for 6 months before Covid-19 hit. We’re happy to have her back! She loves going on the tours, socializing with all the people, and the food. Mary really loves the cinnamon buns on Tuesdays!

Shirley Kachuk
Shirley was born in Willingdon, Alberta on April 23. She moved to Kelowna in 1966 and then came to Vernon in 1997. She loves Vernon because of its location, weather, activities, and people! She enjoys spending time outdoors whether it’s golfing or gardening. Shirley became a member at the Schubert Centre six years ago. She then decided to volunteer in the beautiful gardens and taking care of the inside plants. She also assists with Canasta. Shirley really likes the Schubert Centre because of all the activities it offers. Her favorites of the activities are floor curling and Canasta.