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The facility is close to public transit and has free off-street parking. It’s wheelchair accessible and easy for everyone to access.
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Meet Our Members

Julian Morneau

Julian was born in 1930 in Wainwright, Alberta but grew up in Bonnyville, Alberta. Julian is the fourth oldest child of ten children. When Julian was older he moved to Maillardville in New Westminster, BC in 1949, where he worked at the Mill until it burnt down. His last job before retirement was working for an upholstery company. In his retirement he loves to travel, although with COVID, he’s not able to do that right now. He enjoys bowling and hopes to be able to return to that once COVID is over. During COVID his pass times include walking as long as there is no snow and he is able to use his walker. Julian loves to do word puzzles and started reading more in order to help keep his memory strong and healthy! He doesn’t watch any TV during the day until suppertime, when he will watch the news. Julian has been a member at Schubert Centre since 1998 and a member of the Knights of Columbus for 23 years.
Meet Our Members

Simone Huhtala

Simone was born in Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan on 1923. She grew up in Willow Bunch until the age of 13 when the family moved to Maillardville, BC where she grew up. Simone married her husband Arvo in 1943 and they were married for 70 years! They moved to Coldstream where they bought a house on Pope Drive. Simone has two children, a son, and a daughter, but sadly her daughter passed away. She is the proud grandma of 3 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren! Simone did many different things in her life she was a homemaker and mom, worked in the vegetable cannery in New Westminster, BC as well as being a hairdresser. Simone loved being a hairdresser and still cuts her son’s hair! Simone has a few hobbies as well. She loves to dance and before COVID came she used to always dance at the Schubert Centre. Some of the other things Simone loved to do were golfing, curling, bowling, boating, and RVing traveling all over Canada. Simone also enjoyed painting, gardening, and doing pottery. Simone sang with the Sweet Adelines for 10 years and Arvo sang with the men’s group. Simone played the guitar and Arvo played the piano and accordion. They sang together on many occasions. Arvo continued to play piano up until one week before his passing. Simone also would take golf shirts and bowling shirts and put designs on the front of them and sell them. She said that she sold about 300 of the shirts in Palm Springs, California, where she used to winter every year for 21 years! Simone lives in Catherine Gardens and says she absolutely loves living there and be able to come to the Schubert Centre. She has been a member of the Schubert since 2015.
Meet Our Members

Mary Lou Gardiner

Mary Lou Gardiner was born in 1931, in Vernon, BC. Her mother, as well, was born in 1907 and raised in Vernon. Mary Lou’s, Grandfather Carswell, was one of the first pioneers in Vernon having arrived here in the late 1800s, early 1900s. Mary Lou lived in Vernon until she was 12 years old and moved to Prince George, as her father was an Engineer in the Army Camp. They moved back to Vernon after the war. They had only been in Vernon for a short time when her father was hired on with the City of Prince George, so Mary Lou went to school in Vernon for two months and then moved back to Prince George again to finish her high school years. In 1952-53 she moved to Vancouver and met her husband there. They ended up moving to Seattle, Washington. Eventually, they moved to Williams Lake for a couple of years and then moved to Kamloops for 35 years. Mary Lou has 3 step-children, 3 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren! She feels very blessed that she has such a loving family.

Mary Lou had a wonderful career as a Certified General Accountant for many years. Some of Mary Lou’s hobbies included knitting and sewing. When her husband passed away, she moved back to Vernon, and that is when Mary Lou started to travel. She has been traveling since 2011 and has been to all 7 Continents. She loves traveling around the world!

​Mary Lou loves coming to the Schubert Centre and has been a member since 2011.

Meet Our Members

Patricia (Pat) Schneider

Patricia (Pat) Schneider was born in 1930, in New Westminster, BC. She grew up mostly in South Burnaby, BC. Once she got married, she lived in North Delta. In 1975, she moved to Prince George for work. She was trained as a Psychiatric Nurse and worked at Essondale off and on while her children were growing up for about 15 years and decided she needed more education, so went back to the University of British Columbia and got her degree in Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences, majored in food science and worked at the Coast for a couple of years and then a job came available in Prince George, in Consumer Corporate Affairs and was manager for Northern BC and Yukon for about 4 years. Her husband came up and opened up jewelry and watch repair shop. After working for Consumer Corporate Affairs, she worked for Federal Business Development Bank counseling small businesses and then went to work for Investors Group and did financial planning. Pat retired in 1985. Pat has 3 children, one boy, and two girls. She also has 7 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren! Pat and her husband moved to Vernon in 1991 where they joined the Newcomers Club as they didn’t know anyone here and it was a great way to meet people Some other things Pat enjoyed doing were bowling, golfing, cross-country skiing, and traveling. Pat and her husband used to be Snow Birds and would go to Yuma, Arizona every year for about 5 or 6 months. She has been a member of the Schubert since 2015.

Pat loves coming to the Schubert centre for the exercise and really misses it as well as coming for coffee and socializing with everyone. Pat has been a member at Schubert for the past 20 years.

Meet Our Members

Anna Schlichting

Anna Schlichting was born in 1933, in Vienna, Austria. Anna arrived in Canada in 1955, landing in Montreal. She and her husband lived in Kingston, Ontario for 25 years. Anna’s husband passed away in 1976 and in 1981, Anna made a visit to the Okanagan and fell in love with Vernon. She sold the home that she and her husband had built in Kingston and made the move here. Anna worked as a seamstress for many years and had also taken a course at the Hospice House where she looked after elderly people with Alzheimer’s. Anna retired from working at age 60 but continued to work doing volunteer work. Anna has one daughter that lives in Vienna and speaks 5 different languages! Her son is an aircraft engineer and lives in Kelowna, so Anna is very happy that he is so close by. Anna also has 2 grandchildren living in the United States and 1 great-grandson who is 4 years old.

Anna did volunteer work for the Schubert Centre doing the birthday lunches. She also enjoyed the Bike ride for two and all the short bus trips before Covid 19 happened. Her wishes are that we are soon to be back to normal. Anna has been a member at the Schubert Centre since 1987.

Meet Our Members

Clara Grootveld

Clara Grootveld was born in 1924, in Wiarton, Ontario. She said that it was actually 12 miles North of Wiarton where she grew up. Clara said that there is a road called King’s Crescent which was named after her family as they had a few family members that all lived close to each other. Clara moved to Calgary in 1957 where she met her husband. Clara loves to dance and used to teach line dancing for many years. he worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company for 25 years and took early retirement, moving to Vernon in 1982. Anna has 2 daughters who both live on Vancouver Island, one in Cowichan Bay and the other at Mill Bay. She has 6 grandchildren and ……14 great-grandchildren!

Some of the hobbies Clara enjoyed were dancing, exercise classes, curling, cross country skiing, and both knitting and crocheting. Clara still enjoyed the dancing and exercises at the Schubert Centre before Covid 19. Clara says the secret to longevity is to Keep on Dancing!!! As well, she believes in having a positive mind and keeping it moving! Clara has been a member at Schubert Centre since 1990.

Meet Our Members

Annie Heck

Annie Heck was born in 1932, in a small Village called Belloy, AB, which was approximately 75 miles north of Grand Prairie, AB. This little Village no longer exists. The Train Station is gone as well as the grain elevator. But Annie did live there all her life growing up until she married her husband Harry in 1949. When they married, they moved to another small town, 7 miles down the road from Belloy, called Wanham. Which is still there today but with only around 250 people living there. Annie and her husband were cattle farmers. Annie said that just before they moved from Wanham, her husband broke his leg chasing after a cow, who was going to be delivering! She sent Harry to Vernon with her sister and Annie looked after the farm. When Harry called in to check on her and let her know he had arrived in Vernon, she told him that she had already delivered two calves that day! In 1976, they sold everything, lock, stock, and barrel, and moved to Vernon, where her sister and her parents lived. They had visited the Okanagan and fell in love with it. Annie and her husband had an Orchestra for over 20 years called ‘Harry’s Old Timers’. It consisted of her husband on button accordion, Annie on guitar, her younger brother on guitar, and their neighbor on the banjo. They played many a wedding.

In Vernon, Annie and her husband still played music for weddings, dances, and at the Legion. Sadly, Annie’s husband passed away in 1995. Annie has 2 boys and 1 girl. She has 5 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren! Annie used to do a lot of crochet of the pineapple pattern, making doilies and tablecloths for gifts. Annie has been a member at the Schubert Centre for 8 years and says she has made many friends but misses the long table chats, as everyone is one big happy family here.

Meet Our Members

Florence Boring

Florence Boring (you won’t forget my name….it’s boring, lol) was born in 1932 in Bonneyville, AB. Her family moved to Cherryville, BC when she was 9 years old. She is from a family of 7 girls and 1 boy! Florence married in 1951 and had 3 children. She remarried in 1973. Florence’s husband was a logger, so they moved all around. They moved to Dawson Creek and lived there for about 27 years. When her husband passed, Florence moved to Vernon as she has two sisters that live here. Florence did many things besides raising her family; she did logging from a young age and used to work at the Lavington Grocery Store where she used to walk 3 miles to her rental, day or night. She also worked in cafés as a cook and a server.

Florence also worked in a bakery and loves to bake pies! Some of Florence’s hobbies include knitting and crochet. She said that someone is always wearing slippers that she made and she still continues to knit and make slippers for the family. Florence has in total 32 grandchildren which includes 7 great, great-grandchildren in that total!!! Florence has been a member at the Schubert Centre since 2016.

Meet Our Members

Deanna and John Toporchak

Deanna and John Toporchak have been married for almost 59 years, having married in 1962. Deanna was born in 1941, in Lemberg, Saskatchewan. When she was 3 years old the family moved to Rutland onto an apple orchard. When she was around 8 or 9 years old, the family moved to Vernon. Deanna worked in nursing but didn’t care for it too much so went to work for the Bank of Montreal until 1962. John was born on June 27, 1937, in Vernon on Kal Lake Road. His father came from Slovakia around 1925, and his mom followed approximately in 1934, with the two oldest children, a boy, and a girl. John was a Mechanic for about 6 years after he was out of school and farmed part-time. The family had the land just off of Highway 6 where Gilbert parts are located and also on Kal Lake Road. Where Kaltire is presently located, is where the house John was born and grew up in was situated. John and Deanna moved to the farm in 1972 at the north end of Swan Lake and became full-time farmers, farming hay, grain, cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens on 565 acres!

Deanna and John lived on the Toporchak farm for 45 years. They still own the farm and rent out the land and the two houses on it. The remote control airplane club still flies on the Toporchak property. John goes back to the farm almost every day and tinkers in the workshop. He is still the caretaker and does repairs for the house rentals, farm equipment and also doing repairs at the Schubert Centre. Deanna still does the books for the farm as well as having done many other things from crochet, sewing, and quilting. Deanna also takes care of the Schubert Centre’s electronic sign, making sure that it is kept up to date. John was a member of the RDNO and an Alderman in Spallumcheen for about 6 years. They have been blessed with 2 boys and 2 girls, 8 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren! Both Deanna and John have been members at the Schubert Centre since 1984!!!

Meet Our Members

Nancy Hadley

Meet our Meals on Wheels Coordinator, Nancy Hadley. Nancy was born in 1953, in Calgary, AB. Nancy was raised in Calgary and moved to BC in July of 1978. Prior to moving to BC, Nancy worked as a Clerical in Calgary at the PUB (no not that PUB! Haha) the Public Utilities Board. When she came to BC, she went to work for Okanagan Tel and was their last new hire. After that, she went to BC Tel and work as an Operator. She absolutely loved that job! From being an Operator she moved over to the Repair Department and that is where she met her husband in around 1980. She then moved over to Customer Service in Kelowna and loved doing Customer Service but disliked the commute and came back to Vernon to Credit Services (the collections department), which definitely was not her favourite job but really had no choice as it was either do the commute to Kelowna or be in Vernon where she lived. She was with Telus until 2003 and then came to the Schubert Centre as a volunteer, first in Membership and also starting up the Meals on Wheels program in 2013. Nancy did both jobs as well as was on the Board of Directors and also used to lead the quilting group. Some of you may remember Nancy’s mom, Phyllis Beaumont, who was a volunteer as well, manning the Reception desk. Phyllis was a lady always on the go! As far as Nancy knows, she and her mom were the only mother/daughter volunteer team at the same time at the Schubert Centre. Nancy met her husband Murray in 1980 at a Telus retirement party. She didn’t actually meet him at the party itself, but the party had continued on at the Legion, where she actually met him. They were married on the May long weekend in 1990 in their own backyard. Some of Nancy’s hobbies include, quilting, handicrafts and doing Thai Chi at the Schubert Centre.

For the Love of Schubert, Nancy has been a member since 2003. She absolutely loves the activities offered here and the people. She says it keeps her engaged and out of mischief! As well as giving her purpose and she loves all her people.

Meet Our Members

Maureen Jones

Maureen Jones was born in 1939, in London, England. She was raised in London during WWII until a shell fell in their garden which knocked down a tree in the yard which knocked down the back of the house and her dad actually passed away as a result of the cap of the shell severing the main artery, so her father ended up passing away when she was 20 months old. So she never got to know her father which she said is one of her biggest regrets, not really knowing him. She lived there until the last year of the War and her mom remarried and had a son who is 4 years younger than Maureen and they were evacuated to Yorkshire until the war ended. They were in this house with a couple of other families and a few doors down there was a Halifax Bomber Base, so Maureen says that she really never got away from the War. Then moved back to London, and then moved to Poole in Dorset. Spent all her teen years and got married there. Maureen met her husband David and they were married in 1959. He was in the Royal Air Force but then was looking for work and jobs were scarce, so he went back into the Air Force and became a plant engineer. He was 1 inch short of being able to become a Police Officer. Sadly, Maureen has been a widow since 2013. Although, she and David had 2 children, a boy, and a girl, and Maureen was a stay-at-home mom. She now has 3 grandchildren and 4 ‘grandchildren’ that call her Nanny. The 4 grandchildren are family members that don’t have a Granny, so they have Maureen instead! (lucky children!) Maureen proudly states that she has two little girl great-grandchildren going to be born soon! One in May and one in July! In her spare time, Maureen loves to do puzzles, read, play cards, loves to go walking and hiking, and socializing with friends. Maureen worked at the reception desk, then membership and the Tour office and now works in Meals on Wheels at the Schubert Centre.

For the Love of Schubert Maureen has been a member since 2007. She says she loves the Schubert because she gets out and meets people and enjoys all the friendly members. She is a “people” person and likes to meet new friends. She loves the friendly members and the activities that are available when COVID is not spoiling the Centre.

Meet Our Members

Pat and Cors Verhage

Pat and Cors Verhage married on August 4, 1962, having been married for 59 years!! Pat was born in 1942, in Truro, Nova Scotia and lived there until she was 18 years old when she signed up for the Air Force. Cors was born on April 19, 1938, in Ryswick, Holland. He left Holland on a boat to Canada when he was 12 years old. Cors was Military Police and Pat was in the Air Force. They met in Toronto and Cors made Pat cry the first time he met her because he swore, and no one ever swore around her BUT they married after two weeks and didn’t tell her mother for 40 years later that they had only known each other for two weeks. Pat and Cors have 3 children and they adopted a child as well, but they have had many foster children over the years as well. Along with having their 4 children, they have 9 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren with another one due in July. Cors worked for 40 years with the highways department as a foreman in Cherryville/Lumby. Pat worked at the Lumby drugstore for 20 years. Pat and Cors use to go up to the Monashee’s, taking the kids fishing. They would also go to watch the Stock Car races where the kids would go and collect ‘stinky’ bottles which would provide the children with some spending money. Pat used to bake a lot of cookies, bread, and pastries as well as canning for the family. Pat and Cors are big community supporters. Some of their volunteer work included the Salvation Army for 12 years, and Cors volunteered at the Upper Room Mission for 10 years. And don’t forget! They are also Mr. & Mrs Clause and have done this for around 50 years, starting when their daughter went into Kindergarten. They continue to be the Claus’ but with the pandemic ongoing; last year was a little bit different. They would be the Claus’ for seniors homes, children in care, and Cors also help out at the Mall when the Mall Santa got sick. Now they are doing it just part-time, haha. (5 days a week!). They went to the Mall in their costumes and handed out candy canes to the children with the approval of the parents. But someone called Mall Security and Security told them they could be there for coffee, but they weren’t allowed to hand out the candy canes or the Mall could get shut down. So, they went home and changed. Then Cors got a call the next day and was Santa at a Photo Studio for the whole month of December 2020. The Verhage’s have done a fair bit of travelling in their time. They have been to Hawaii, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, and the Dominion Republic. They also did a Panama Canal Cruise and Cors had the opportunity to meet the Mayor of Panama when he was touring the Ship. Both Cors and Pat have been members at the Schubert Centre since 1999.

Meet Our Members

Sue & Larry Slater

Sue Slater was born in 1949. Larry Slater was born on November 19, 1947. Both Sue and Larry were born and raised in Barrow-in-Furness, Lancaster, England. It was a bit like the boy/girl next door story. They have known each other since Sue was 15 and Larry was 17. They were married in 1969 and have been married for 52 years! Sue and Larry moved to Canada in 1972. Larry worked in the shipyard in Barrow and did an apprenticeship and was a junior engineer in oil and gas. Eventually becoming a PDS-3D in computing. He retired in 2015. Prior to leaving England, Sue was a dental nurse (assistant). In Calgary, where Sue and Larry were living, she worked as an Insurance Underwriter and eventually became an Insurance Adjuster. Sue retired at age 55. Larry and Sue moved around quite a bit during their working years and finally settled in Vernon in 2009.

They were married for 18 months when they were blessed with their first child, a daughter in 1970, who lives in Alberta. They then had a son, born in 1974, who resides in Vernon. Their daughter has 4 children ranging in ages of 32, 30, 26 & 20. Their son has 3 children ranging in ages of, 3 & 1. Sue and Larry have their first great-grandchild, a little girl, due in June.

Some of the hobbies that Sue enjoys are knitting, gardening, volunteering, curling, golfing, reading and Facebook. Larry enjoys golf, curling, watching rugby. Liverpool is Larry’s soccer team and was playing at the time of this interview. But never fear, Larry didn’t miss anything as he recorded it to be enjoyed when he got home!

For the Love of Schubert: Sue and Larry have been members at the Schubert Centre since 2012. They love the friendliness, the different options of things to do that are offered, and the volunteer opportunities. Sue volunteers because she loves to give back and feels it helps her to use her time wisely to get involved with people. Sue loves to meet new people and really enjoys interacting with the other volunteers.

Meet Our Members

Elinor Hinds

Elinor Hinds was born in 1937 in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. Elinor grew up there until she was about 11 years old when her parents moved her and her two sisters and one brother to Penticton. Penticton is still ‘home’ for Elinor. Elinor said that when she was still living in Maple Creek, she used to ride a horse to a one-room country school that she attended. When Elinor was 18, she moved to Victoria and received her Teacher’s Certificate. She was the first member of her family to go to University and she received her Bachelor of Education after 34 years! What a great accomplishment!!!! Elinor has 3 boys who she raised in Surrey where she was teaching grades 3-6. She was asked to teach the computer to children and she got a hook on the computer where she plays computer games or looks up information. She would drive to work each day; however, Elinor didn’t start driving until she was 30, and then watch out!! Elinor has been blessed with six granddaughters, one step-granddaughter, and one great-granddaughter! What’s interesting to note is that Elinor still has diaries from 1914, 1936, and 1937 that her great-grandmother wrote in. She said her great grandmother would write in them every day, it may have been only one sentence but there was an entry for every day, so it is a whole store in the life of her great-grandma. What a wonderful keepsake. Elinor moved to Vernon in 2003 as she had family living in Summerland, Vernon, and Kamloops and she loves the Okanagan Valley. Elinor is on the Board of Directors for the Schubert Centre. As well, Elinor started the Quilting Club at the Schubert and is the Coordinator of the program. She is also the Coordinator for the Library and runs the Sing for your Life program. She had also worked the reception desk at one time. Elinor used to sew all her own clothes as well as doing knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, and of course quilting! She loves to read and play computer games.

For the Love of Schubert Elinor has been a member for 15 years and says that this is her home away from home. She volunteers at Schubert because she loves to give back and wants to help keep the Schubert Centre going. She loves the social environment and how Schubert makes her feel good about herself.

Meet Our Members

Diane Weaver

Diane Weaver was born in 1948 in Powell River, BC. Diane lived all her life there and raised her 3 daughters and her 1 son there until around 1986. She moved to Vancouver to attend Douglas College and became a Social Worker. Diane worked as a Child Protection Worker, a Team Leader, and a Manager in numerous places around BC. She retired as a Manager at a Child Protection office in Delta, BC in 2013, which is when she moved to Vernon. Prior to moving to Vancouver to become a Social Worker, Diane ran a fish and chip shop and owned a cab company in Powell River. Diane moved to Vernon to help take care of her two young grandsons to help her daughter out. Diane also has one granddaughter. A week after Diane moved to Vernon, she joined the Schubert Centre and worked in many areas. he started at the front desk and was helping out in the office, doing scheduling, reconciliation for the Thrift Shop and Coffee Shop, and making bank deposits. She worked in the coffee shop, lunchtime catering, ran the birthday lunch, and pull tabs. Plus, Diane was part of the Board of Directors from 2015-2021 holding the position of Secretary, Vice-President, and President until just recently. She continues to assist with the Thursday mobile shopping which was in partnership with Safeway and the Schubert Centre. Some of Diane’s hobbies include; quilting, she is teaching herself the ukulele and teaching herself how to ride a bicycle, which she never learned to do as a child.

For the Love of Schubert: Diane loves the atmosphere at the Schubert; it’s welcoming and a place to come and belong, play cards, dance. It’s a home away from home as it is such a friendly and cheerful place. She says it has a reputation as a popular place to go in Vernon. She enjoys meeting & interacting with people, as well as, helping others knowing that one day she may need some help as well.

Meet Our Members

Gil & Frank Flasch

Gil Flasch was born in 1932. Frank Flasch was born on June 12, 1930. Gil was born at home in a small French town called Jackfish Lake, Saskatchewan. She grew up in a family of four boys and four girls. She lived in Jackfish Lake until she went to high school and then moved to North Battleford. Frank was also born at home, as many were in those days, in Wilke, Saskatchewan, a small town south of North Battleford. He grew up in Wilke in a family of five children, two boys, and three girls. Gil worked at Notre Dame Hospital in North Battleford. She worked as a Central Supply Nurse, ensuring there was plenty of supplies and sterilization of instruments. The sterilization of gauze and instruments was done by a large steamer-type machine. Gil said it was a bit scary at times, thinking that perhaps it was going to blow everything up! Frank did various jobs from working in gas stations, doing construction, and working in the Nickle mines in Ontario. Frank eventually went to Tech school in Calgary and received his Plumber/gas fitter ticket. However, when Frank would find work in another Province as a plumber, he would have to write an exam which was a requirement by that Province to allow him to work there.

Gil and Frank met in North Battleford in 1951 and married in 1953. They have been married 68 years this month! Being blessed with a family of three boys and two girls, as well as 7 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren! Frank had found work in St. Paul, Alberta and they lived there from 1954 to about 1957 when they moved back to North Battleford to be closer to family. They lived there until they moved to Vernon with their children in 1966 for work. Gil was a stay-at-home mom until 1972 when she went back to work as a Central Supply Nurse at Vernon Jubilee Hospital, doing the same job until her retirement in 1992. Frank retired in 1989 but went back to work part-time until 1992 when Gil retired. For the next 5 years, they would head south to Yuma, Arizona for 5 months out of the year until the health care costs just got to be too expensive and the Canadian dollars were not great at around $60 on the US dollar. In 1984 they had built a log cabin on Okanagan Lake with some friends and neighbors. That cabin is still being used to this day by the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Gil and Frank were able to get out there for visits as well until Covid-19 hit, which has curbed so many activities. They are just so pleased that the family is still using it constantly.

Some of the previous activities that Gil enjoyed doing were crafting, learning to quilt, and belonging to two quilting guilds. Gil still does some quilting but not as much as previously. She loves to bake, and family is everything and so important! Frank coached and was past president for Minor Hockey. He is also a Charter Member of the BX Firehall as a volunteer Fireman for 5 years.

For the Love of Schubert: Frank has been a member at the Schubert Centre since 2005 and loves the good company here. Gil has been a member since 2010 saying she was too young to join earlier!!! She enjoys meeting people and being able to drop in and play cards and have coffee. What she really loves about Schubert is meeting people and talking about their life and what they did and do is just so interesting to her.

Meet Our Members

Margaret Coughlan

Margaret Coughlan was born in 1935, in Trail, BC. She grew up there until she was 20 years old, at which time she was married and moved to Seattle, Washington. She and her husband and their 4 children moved around the US to different States including Montana, Oregon, and Minnesota. In 1973, Margaret and her 2 daughters and 2 sons moved to Vernon. The boys are currently living in the US and her daughters live in the Okanagan. Margaret also has 4 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. During the time her children were young she was able to work at home as a piano teacher and after moving to Vernon worked as a bookkeeper in various law firms retiring fully at the age of 80. In 1977, Margret met and married Bill Coughlan in Vernon. Bill had served in the RCAF after which he ran his own business in Vernon repairing and re-building airplanes. He later worked as a forklift mechanic for various companies. Sadly, he passed away in 2010. They were never snowbirds as they were always working, but did travel throughout the US and across Canada in their motor home. Margaret has continued to travel with Wells Gray Tours having taken trips to the Maritime, Europe, and Ireland along with various short trips. Currently, she is President of the Vernon Branch of the BCOAPO (Old Age Pensioners Organization. This is a 100-year-old organization with branches across Canada. The main purposes are social and more importantly helping Seniors by providing information and putting forward resolutions to the government, to help improve their lives. She is also currently Secretary of St James’ Catholic Women’s League and Secretary for the North Okanagan Air Force Association 899 Wing. Hobbies that she enjoys are cross-stitch, bridge, reading, Tai Chi, and visiting with family in Vernon and her brother who lives in Kelowna.

For the Love of Schubert: Margaret has been a member of the Schubert Centre for the past 17 years. She loves the friendly atmosphere and it being such a great place to meet friends for coffee. She says the birthday lunches are fun and the lunches are good. It is conveniently located for her and she used to attend Tai Chi twice weekly, the BCOAPO meetings, and Christmas dinners with other various groups before the pandemic.

Meet Our Members

Terry Luxton

Terry Luxton was born in 1947 in Shaunavon, SK. Terry left Shaunavon for the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon to acquire her teaching certificate. As soon as she finished the two-year program, she started to teach at St. Patrick’s School in Swift Current, SK. In those days you could start teaching before you received your degree. Terry married in 1968 and had two children, a son Gerry and a daughter Melody. She has also been blessed with nine grandchildren and three great-granddaughters. Terry followed her husband from Saskatchewan to Calgary and then eventually made their way to BC, living in Blue River and Avola. Terry taught anywhere from kindergarten to grade seven in Blue River. Terry eventually moved to Vernon in 1984 in a snow blizzard! Because work was hard to find, she worked at a MAC’s convenience store and became a manager there. From there she moved on to A & W in the Village Green Mall where she met Chuck Luxton, who was a security guard at the mall. A night out at the Legion was the night Terry realized that Chuck was her man and married him on February 13, 1988. On April 1, 1989, Terry began working at the Lifestyle Naturals Store at Village Green Mall and is still working there part-time to this day! When Terry semi-retired she decided to do some volunteering at the Schubert Centre. She could see that the coffee shop could use some help and she is now the Coordinator of the Coffee Shop. Terry said that her husband Chuck enjoyed every moment he spent at the Schubert Centre as well, pouring coffee! Some of Terry’s hobbies include reading, golfing, and she swims daily. Terry and Chuck were a very active couple, doing cross country skiing, hiking, biking, and snowshoeing. They were always together and their weekends were like mini-vacations. They also used to ride small 49cc motorcycles which gave them many happy memories riding throughout the countryside.

For the Love of Schubert: Terry has been a member of the Schubert Centre for five years, however, she has volunteered at the Schubert since 2012. Her nature is to help whenever possible and she could see the Schubert needed help. She volunteers as a way of satisfying her need to always be doing something and as a wonderful way to give back to the Community. Terry believes the Schubert is vital to the dynamics of Vernon, a place to gather, socialize and get a meal for a reasonable price. Without Schubert, she says some people may have difficulty locating a similar place to hang out with friends and make new ones.